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Going to school nude, I am Going boy nude schools tradition sex

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Going To School Nude

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About two and half years ago, Lauren Miranda, a middle school school in New York, was getting ready at her home when she decided to take a topless selfie and send it to her then-boyfriend, who was a teacher in the same school district. This January, Miranda, 25, was called to the principal's office at Bellport Middle School on Long Island, where she had been a math teacher since Before going to the meeting, a colleague told Nude that there was a rumor her naked photo had been obtained by a teenage student. Miranda was certain it wasn't hers because she had never sent anything like that to a student. But during the meeting in the principal's office — where there were mostly men — one of the male school administrators brought up Miranda's topless selfie on his computer screen and showed it to her. The officials confronted Miranda about the selfie and accused her of disseminating the photo to students. They "attempted really hard to humiliate her, berate her, and get her to re," Ray told BuzzFeed News on Thursday.

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Disclaimer: This is a sexual fantasy. It is not intended to promote illegal activity. The author does not advocate or participate in underage sexual activities. If you are offended by pornography, for God's sake stop reading internet porn, you idiot. The Naked in School program is a popular fictional genre in which school kids are selected to attend classes in the nude. Often this goes on for a week, during which the participants gradually begin to enjoy their situation. I write extensively in this genre, but I focus mostly on the effects of NiS outside the classroom. I want your feedback so that I can write stories that my readers enjoy, so I especially want to know your thoughts using feedback in the text boxes.

This survey is anonymous, so please tell the truth.

Are you male or female? How old are you? Under 13 Please leave. Over 60 Admit it! Are you a parent? Not as far as I know. Soon to be. Yes, with daughter s at home.

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Yes, but my daughter doesn't live with me. Yes, other sons at home, etc. Explain if necessary. Check all Naked in School policies you support: The Program should be limited to girls. Boys this age are already horny and promiscuous enough. The Program should take place in high school. Parents should have full authority to decide if their children will participate. All school kids should be required to participate, regardless of parental desire. The nudity requirement should include classroom as well as all school related activities, including field trips, sports, PTA meetings, etc.

Students in the Program should be required to disrobe outside, in public before entering the school each day. Outreach is voluntary nudity outside of school. I support outreach at home.

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The nudity requirement should be extended outside of school, including in the home. Successful completion of the Program should be a requirement for graduation. Teachers may require naked students to help with classroom activities such as nude modeling in art class, anatomy demonstrations, and sex education if it is relevant to the subject being taught.

Enough students should be selected to participate each week so that every student is chosen at least once. The entire student body should be naked at the same time at least once per year. Teachers should be encouraged to participate in nudity on a voluntary basis. Teachers should be required to participate in nudity.

Student sexual development should take priority over traditional educational requirements, and students who are performing at their sexual grade level should not be held back due to academic failure. The Program should include use of artificial stimulants like aphrodisiacs in the school water supply and sex hormone supplements in school lunches. Other please specify. Relief is a policy allowing masturbation in class.

I went to school naked today

Which versions of relief do you support? Masturbation should be completely forbidden.

Please skip to the next question. Limited to 5 minutes at the beginning of class. No limit on time or duration during class. Openly in front of the class. Only by the student. And by other student volunteers. Using manual stimulation. Using oral sex.

I went to school naked today

Using full penetrative sexual intercourse. Class work should be suspended during relief so that all students may watch. All students should be permitted to masturbate while watching.

NiS students are often required to perform "reasonable requests" by other students and teachers. What types of requests do you think should be allowed? Naked students should not be subject to touching, even voluntarily. Yes, voluntary touching should be allowed in class. Yes, mandatory touching should be required as long as there is no physical discomfort.

Reasonable requests should be limited to other students. Reasonable requests should include asking Program students to touch the requester. Other please describe in loving detail. What other in-school activities do you think should be part of the Program? NiS kids should be required to use opposite sex restrooms, locker rooms, and showers.

Extra-curricular Sex Clubs in High School. Academic extra credit for sexual development beyond grade level. Special privileges for loss of virginity and other sexual milestones, including skipping of classes. I support photographing nude students. The Program should be used as a means of school discipline. Boy-girl pairs are often created to lend mutual support during their Program week and perhaps to encourage sexual relationships.

I support this idea. I oppose boy-girl pairing because it may result in exclusivity and reduce promiscuity. Other please give me ideas for future stories.

Girl fully naked in school

What parts of the Program should apply to home schooling? The Program should not apply to home schooling. Home schooled children should have to meet the same nudity requirements as in public schools. There are nude students in the public schools all year long; therefore at least one child in each home must be nude during the entire school year. If public school faculty are required to be nude, parents or guardians must meet the same requirement. The same "reasonable request" standards should apply to home schoolers, including for visitors and NiS inspectors in the home.

If sex is permitted in the public schools, home school students will have the same opportunities. Do you think a Naked in School program would be good for society?

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Would you support one in your local schools? NiS should not be required outside the public schools. I support a program of nudity for public school children. I wish I could have participated in the Naked in School program myself. I think a program like this would help adolescents make the difficult adjustment to adult sexuality. I believe the Program would be a net benefit to society. I believe the Program, like pornography, would result in a reduction in sex crimes.

I think the Program should only be the first step in a coordinated plan to encourage more teen sexual promiscuity throughout society. Think of the children! Do you see any other social benefits? I hope you enjoyed taking this poll as much as I did creating it. What did you think of this poll? This poll was was a huge turn-on! It was fun. I look forward to more.

It wasn't a complete waste of time.

I didn't like it and I'm not taking any more. Do you have any related thoughts? Are they pornographic?