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Highschool Dxd Nude Scenes

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It's SP3 of season one. SP4 is when issei masters his dress break. Akeno sucking the dragon out of isseis finger during the pool episode of season 2.

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If this is true, why?

And does anyone know to what extent? Is implied sex okay, or is all off-limits? I couldn't find a source, but I don't speak Japanese so that's maybe not so weird even if it is true.

I would like that to happen, but it seems that the editor won't allow sex even if it's happen off-screen. The author can't write about them having sex due to the publisher or editor, can't remember which. Unless they change that stance we will be cock teased at best.

Story wise Issei does eventually have sex with the girls though as he has children with them in EX, which describes Issei's future 30 years later. Where can I find that? I couldn't find it on Baka-Tsuki and with Google the only thing I found was the manga where Raiser gets Ravel to him as his servant. Oh, that infamous chapter of SAO! Reading it makes me cringe a bit!

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Found the internet! Is it true that Highschool DxD has a "no sex ever" restriction?

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Continue this thread. TBF, that was written before the serialisation of the LN so More posts from the HighschoolDxD community. Created May 27, Top posts february 17th Top posts of february, Top posts Back to Top.