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Naked man swimsuit, I'm man up guy Naked swimsuit simulators

For me, putting on a bikini is already dancing dangerously close to public nudity. As someone who isn't averse to showing a little skin but isn't particularly flashy eitherI'm all for devoting myself to a flattering suit every summer.

Naked Man Swimsuit

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Just like the barely-there sandals that were on everyone's wishlist last summerthe barely-there concept is ringing true for swimsuits this season. Let me clarify: Details like super slender straps that look like they're about to break off, and swimwear with skin tone-like hues give you that almost "naked" look when you slip into them, are in this summer. And, when it comes down to it: less is more.

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Ah summer. The time when women put on uncomfortable, revealing swimsuits and body shame each other. When our frantic desire for hairlessness causes us to shave our bodies from the the tip of our noses to the bottom of our toenails. I, for one, despise bathing suit season. Not because of the heat or the humidity. If my boobs look good then I most definitely have a camel toe. And no matter what I wear, my ass resembles that of an year-old man.

So instead of beating myself up over it, I have embraced it. I buy bathing suits that make me laugh or that tell a story.

Or at least that cover a ificant part of my body. Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Literally, nothing says summer like a pineapple. Literally nothing.

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Sunglassesa beach blanketa matching fruity floatyand the cutest purse the world has ever known will really tie your pine-ass outfit together! Most women select swimsuits that make them feel attractive, sexy, and feminine. But if that treasure trail is too aggressive for your taste, just stick to this awkward attempt at a cover-up. And you better pick up a cute matching bag to store all of your valuables!

This extra-belly-flab-fanny-pack will pair perfectly with your new dad-bod swimsuit. If you want to go all-out awkward, buy a swimsuit that shows how you feel on the inside or customize your suit with your own smiling face!

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And nothing is more awesomely awkward than admitting to doing the one thing that we all know we do…. And they definitely need to know what to do with you just in case you get lost.

They tend to be much more comfortable communicating through their groin than through their mouth so these trunks are absolutely perfect for your male companion! Embrace your inner Ariel either with this mermaid-inspired one-piece or this retro two-piece with bright purple cups!

Obviously it would be ridiculous to buy a mermaid swimsuit without springing for the pool floaty tail to match!

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Have you ever tried to swim in a totally restricting off-the-shoulder top? Prove to the world that you prefer fashion over function in this swimsuit that is nothing like an actual swimsuit or this one if you prefer floral print.

Whoever said that suspenders are only meant to help keep your pants up? They were lying. They are meant to keep you looking trendy, fabulous, and ready for a swim. These suits are completely and utterly ridiculous and confusing but I definitely need both of them!

Would you be more likely to wear this one to the pool or to prom? What if your prom was in a pool? Or you had a pool at your prom? Know how to spice up a dull day at the beach?

These suits will keep everyone guessing all day. Gone are the days of topless tanning or untying your back straps to avoid tan lines.

This suit allows you to have both! Gold sequins?

What do you think?

Count me in! Or like squeezing your bum into an itsy bitsy teeny weeny red, white, and blue American flag bikini. These are sure to impress during your fried chicken and Bud Light extravaganzas this summer!

And if you really want to show our fearless leader how much you adore and respect him, be sure to put his face directly on your crotch. Do you love your pet more than most people? Pay homage to your furry friend by depicting him chowing down tacos and pizza right there on your belly! Or riding through space on a shark puking up rainbows.

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