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By Natalie Corner For Mailonline. Men and women classified as clinically obese have stripped naked on camera, for a series of raw interviews in which they speak candidly about their relationships with their bodies. Among those revealing themselves both physically and emotionally for a BBC Three documentary are a fitness instructor turned ant queen whose weight gain was triggered by heartbreak, and a man who recalls being fat-shamed by his own siblings.

Obese People Naked

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Five obese men and women have bravely opened up to discuss their lives as part of a brand-new BBC Three documentary. The Naked Truth: Obesity sees the quintet talk openly about their insecurities, how people react to them, and how they stay positive. She models now - after seeing her weight balloon in her teen years, after she was left home-bound after catching glandular fever. And year-old Kant - whose weight rose after an ex-boyfriend left her - says: "We live in a judgemental world and there are some very negative opinions about body size. She has overcome anxiety to host fitness classes throughout the week - and you can watch the entire documentary on the BBC3 website. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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Historically, female models in photographic art have depicted an ideological construction of the female body which women, regardless of stature, ethnicity or class, must conform to. John Bergerp.

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However, it could be argued that the image presented in this essay dissipates such notions. The colour gradation is restricted to black, white and grey tones and the background is plain floor tiling. It seems to epitomise the true concept of freedom from the psychological bodily constraints rife in a contemporary society despite pervasive female representation solely consisting of size zero women, devoid of any diversity Ellis, ; Gauntlett, Nimoy describes his work as naked of a theme, to convey that the ideals of beauty are not universal but vary according to people and place Nimoy, Within semiotics, denotation is commonly understood as the empirical meaning, absent of cultural influences Panofsky, However, photography allows denotation and connotation to unite, causing a mergence of the ifier and the ified Barthes,producing a which seems to have surpassed cultural boundaries thus creating a meaning which seems natural Barthes, ; Fiske, ; Chandler, Henceforth, one gathers that the juxtaposition of women who are socially maligned in modern culture with archaic photographic techniques simultaneously denotes and connotes a need for regained liberation from the obese societies which have suppressed freedom of the feminine body.

Arguably, ones cultural orientation and understanding of female representation determine the perspective from which one comprehends this image. Feminist epistemology perpetrates one possible reception. Whilst Chris Beasleyp. of gender are formed in society leading to psychological consequences pertaining to the understanding of such imagery Rigsby, Within various cultures there are notions of what it is to be feminine.

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These differ historically according to class, race and age Andrews, This argument, however, is only valid if ones expectations of acceptable gender representation correlate with the society in which they are formed. However, Jean Baudrillardp. This suggests that the photo has no real intrinsic inference but rather an intended meaning, not necessarily recognisable across cultural, contextual and psychologically boundaries. This would suggest that in the absence of contemporary postmodernist culture, and from reader to reader, meaning would differ as connotative elements decipherable from this image are dependent on culture and surroundings.

Andrews, M. Angier, N. New York: Five Ties Publishing. Barthes, R. Translated by: Howard, R. Beasley, C. What is feminism? An introduction to feminist theory.

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Brownell, H. Brain and Language. Chandler, D. Ellis, A. New York Times. Fiske, J. London: Routledge. Hartman, P. Available from: [Accessed 26th December ].

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LeMonchek, L. New York: Oxford University Press. Lerner, G. Feminist Studies, Vol. Lupton, G. In: In: Lupton, G. Society and Gender: an introduction to sociology.

Nimoy, L. Available from: [Accessed 21st November ]. Rigsby, B. In: Lupton, G. Van Dijk, T. Available from: [Accessed 1st January ]. Noel, C. Noel, Catrise P. NOEL, C. The newsletter highlights recent selections from the journal and useful tips from our blog.

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5 obese man naked stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

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References Andrews, M. Translated by: Heath, S. Baudrillard, J. Selected Writings. London: Penguin Brownell, H. London: Routledge Gauntlett, D. Abingdon: Routeledge Hartman, P. Available from: [Accessed 26th December ] Jefkins, F. Oxford: Polity Press Nimoy, L. Available from: [Accessed 21st November ] Nimoy, L. Available at: [Accessed 2nd November] Panofsky, E. London: Routeledge Rigsby, B. Available from: [Accessed 1st January ] Watkins, G. London: Pluto Press.

6 naked overweight person stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Catrise P. From the Inquiries Journal Blog. Political Science » Women in Politics.

Literature » Old English. Reevaluating the Role of Women in Beowulf.