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Seeing my daughter naked, I daughter like looking up men who seeings naked

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Seeing My Daughter Naked

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When our kids are babies, we bathe with them, change our clothes in front of them and yes, even bring them to the toilet with us…all without batting an eyelid. If parental nudity is of a non-sexualised nature, experts say there is nothing to worry about as there is no negative impact on a young .

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I'm using a throw-away-name for this post for what I hope are obvious reasons. I have a 19 year old daughter still living at home and I want to see her naked.

When she was little and ran around naked it was cute but I didn't feel any different when I saw one of my sons doing the same thing. Now my daughter is a grown at least physically woman and I want to see what she looks like in the nude. I don't want to make her feel bad or come across as a creep and I don't want any trouble with my wonderful wife, but I am very curious about what she looks like. I should also add, that I don't want to have any sexual contact with my daughter. I had thought about putting a hidden camera in her bedroom but decided that was a stupid idea.

So here I am conflicted with what I know is a "bad" but real desire and I do not know how proceed.

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Sorry, dude. There is no possible way that any father can say that they want to see their grown daughter naked and NOT sound like a fucking creep. You don't proceed with anything. Your daughter is a human being who loves you and needs to have you in her life as someone she can trust. By wanting to see her naked, you are objectifying her. You are not thinking of her as a human being that you have nurtured and cared for, but as a body that you lust after.

Yes lust, because I don't believe it's just out of curiosity. That is the excuse you tell yourself. You need to stop and anytime you think this way you need to mentally slap yourself. She is a person. Your daughter at that. No matter how developed she is.

Remember that. Maybe even try imagining how different your relationship would be if she knew that you were even considering putting a fucking hidden camera in her god damned room. You don't want to be a creep, but you're already leaning heavily on being exactly that. Get professional help, get a time consuming hobby. DO NOT indulge yourself in this any more. I don't see how this should ever be labeled as a light post.

I have two young daughters. This is creepy and you need to seek immediate professional help. Lets put these thoughts to the back of your mind, shall we? That reminds me of something that happened to me years ago. I was staying with a family who live in Melbourne.

Do your kids see you naked?

There was a 17 yo daughter a bunch of daughters actually. The main bathroom had two doors and a weird in the middle of the house arrangement I think the house had been extended badly.

The father of the house did this creepy thing when his daughter was in the shower by sticking his head in one door claiming he was looking for something and didn't know she was in there. I might add the daughter didn't seem to mind but that might be some form of conditioning. There is simply no proceeding in this case. Being curious and taking steps to satisfy that curiosity are two vastly different things. I'm curious about what would happen to my body if I jumped into a vat of molten steel, but I'm not about to put my goggles on and head down to the daughter steel mill because -- let's face it -- jumping into a vat of molten steel is a fucking terrible idea.

Doing anything that might violate your daughter's personal boundaries whether or not you get caught is a really bad idea. You will end up hating yourself. She will be fucking humiliated if she seeings out and your relationship with her will be forever tarnished. It's one thing to be curious. But if it turns into an obsession and you find yourself making plans to do naked creepy, then you need to get your butt to a psychologist.

Yeah, my wife's adoptive father tried doing the same thing to her when she was a teenager. He'd do things like climbing ladders outside her window to 'look at the roof'. Needless to say, that pretty much nuked their relationship and she still hates his guts several decades later.

It sounds like you are infatuated with her. I would seek outside therapeutic help, so that you do not hurt her. That you see the hidden camera idea as "stupid" and not "intrusive" or "wrong", worries me.

But please don't follow through on your desire. Even if you do not feel it is a sexual thing. My grandfather really loves women.

He thinks they are all magical and beautiful and he does not see it as strictly sexual, he just appreciates the beauty. As a teen and young adult when he would see me his first comment would usually be something borderline inappropriate about my breasts or seeing me play a piano naked.

I understand to him it's just his way of telling me I am beautiful, but in this culture, that makes females very uncomfortable. You are her father. You are supposed to be her role model of manhood. The standard to which she holds every future man she meets. Please do not violate her love for you by confusing your curiosity and sexuality. It's possible you're not a creep, you might want to see her naked just to see how much she took after her mother physically.

Or maybe you just haven't been around teen girls in a long time and you really appreciate the perkiness of it all. Or maybe you're just really curious, but it doesn't matter.

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Please eradicate these thought from your mind. Do not "fight" them or they will grow stronger and become twisted, possibly manifesting in some horrible way. Just let then pass through you. Acknowledge them as strange thoughts and allow them to move through you and out the other side and then carry on with your day. If you don't feel like you can do this and you do love and care for your daughter, go away from her before you do something that will forever shake her ability to trust the men she loves.

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Found the internet! I want to see my teenage daughter naked. Posted by 7 years ago. Edit: Spelling.

Sort by: best. I'm disturbed by this. What's the next step after seeing your daughter naked? Then sex or attempted sex, of course. You better stop immediately and seek professional help.

This is very creepy. You're seriously asking how to proceed? Was not disappointed. I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt here. More posts from the confession community. Created Nov 2, Top posts january 19th Top posts of january, Top posts Back to Top.