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His new professional wrestling promotion has a national televsion deal and some early PR support from TNT.

Stone Cold Steve Austin Naked

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Some of them have opinions on things other than the best wrestling tights to wear or whether the pile driver is more effective than the jackknife powerbomb.

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One of the best stories to come out of the Montreal Screwjob was the rumor that Bret Hart was so annoyed with the WWE Chairman for screwing him out of his Championship in Canada in the way that he did, that he headed backstage and punched him in the face. It was a rumor that many fans have talked about for many years and now Bret Hart has finally been able to reveal that he didn't actually punch him, it was more of an uppercut to his chin. Hart stated that he was showering when Vince McMahon came into the locker room flanked by a of other stars including his son Shane and wanted to apologize to Hart.

At the time Bret was naked so he thought of tackling his boss whilst naked, but stated that if he was still there when he had finished getting dressed then they would collide.

Vince didn't leave so the two men looked as though they were about to lock up and Hart just unleashed an uppercut, it was so hard that it knocked Vince out cold and broke Bret Hart's hand. New User posted their first comment.

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Bret Hart broke his hand on Vince McMahon's face pic. Edited by Akhilesh Tirumala. Sort by: Most popular Recent Most upvotes.

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