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There has been a rumor going around that there is a full male Ryder and Vetra sex scene but was removed because she was made into a bi romance option in the last minute. There is a sound file of her moaning but I haven't found any animation yet.

Vetra Nyx Naked

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Mass Effect Andromeda Characters and Romance. Official Thread. Posts: Likes: Oct 8, GMT. Jan 8, GMT. Mar 15, GMT emperor said:.

Mar 17, GMT captbiglou said:. Mar 18, GMT spectreshadow said:. Mar 20, GMT mauddib6 said:. Kind of ridiculous really For science of course.

[no spoilers] cut vetra romance animation

Dec 9, GMT. Jul 28, GMT. First thing I do on any new playthrough is airlock Liam and get Vetra out and about. Drack's meetings and overall chit-chat is much better this way and you get two 'nice' people, a straight-laced SICommand and the laid back tough-Turian - all with FemRyder. Girls day out on Eos, all day, every day.

Still have yet to finalize my playthrough which will be with Vetra - my very first is with Suvi, though as much as I like her, the lighting isn't kind to her - can't help but think of dried prunes whenever Suvi's nearby, even though I like her lots as a character. Mommy Vetra is constantly adorable, however, and it's weird to think that they did actually manage to make a palatable Turian.

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In the words of Ryder, "Everybody wan't a spiky girlfriend". N7Pathfinder N4. Posts: 1, Likes: 1, Oct 12, GMT. May 26, GMT. There's a movie that is out for a year now called yards, and the va of vetra and Scotts model plays in it. She's his mom in the movie btw haha It really strikes me because in the game she has that motherly role too, anyway just wanted to let you guys know. May 28, GMT. Mar 25, GMT. I still wonder, how do the parts of a Human and Turian fit together. Vetra not being a mammal already throws a wrench into the gears, but i guess it hinges on whether or not Turians give live births.

For : mass effect vetra nyx

Was that ever revealed? Deleted Deleted Member. Oct 20, GMT michaelm said:. Mar 5, GMT turianlannister said:. Jan 6, GMT liarashepard said:. Giant Ambush Beetle N7 Strongest of the idiots.

Mass effect vetra nyx porn videos

Giant Ambush Beetle. Strongest of the idiots. Oct 11, GMT. Aug 7, GMT. Oct 22, GMT michaelm said:. SilentK N3. May 22, GMT. Aug 11, GMT. Guess who is back in Andromeda, ME! This time I am going to romance either Jaal or Vetra. Currently Sara has achieved a few wins for her team and I am having a blast. It has been so long since the last time I played that I've forgotten lots of stuff.

Which means that there is more new things to explore. At the moment I am just waiting for Vetra to get going with the romance, I have the loyalty q for Liam up in my journal. Jaal is as wonderful as usual and I am really really trying not to fall for my usual options and see something new this PT. Please Vetara, don't string my little Sara along and pretty please just have a convo sometime soon.

Mass effect vetra nyx porn videos

Dazzle N4. Dec 27, GMT. Aug 1, GMT. Finally starting my playthrough with Ruby. What do you think, did I pull off an edgy and badass do-what-it-takes type to romance Vetra? Loving this lip bite in Vetra's direction. Ruby can't flirt at all, thanks to the weird animations, but she gives some great bedroom eyes.

Also, can Ruby just ask her out already?

Vetra nyx, maker bless sheryl chee! (official thread)

Man, I'm really sad I didn't get better pics of Vetra and Ruby together, but it was a really sweet romance. Quick Quote. What will the name for Vetra and Ryder romance be? We need one for Scott and Sarah.

What do you guys have? You are testing my resolve lol. For science of course Yeah, Science.

Vetra nyx, maker bless sheryl chee! (official thread)

Don't no how they would do sfm without a nude body model. Started the mission and got Cora and Liam automatically.

Deleted Deleted Member Posts: 0 Deleted inherit guest proboards. Doesn't seem like they have much a problem making the parts fit based on the s.

Don't get me wrong, but I can't imagine Vetra to be the kind of woman many straight guys are into of course there are exceptions. But I think Bioware will go the safe route with straight guys.

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Contrary to popular belief, many men arent attracted to the provocative woman or the girly girl. Its simply not the case, tastes are all over the place, more so than most people realize. I also immediately liked Vetra and romanced her, and I am a straight male.