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Worlds Sexiest Naked Woman

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Name: Mirabelle
My age: 29
What I prefer to drink: Liqueur
What is my favourite music: Heavy metal

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I met a gorgeous blonde the other day. I was in my car when I saw her fighting with a guy, storming out of his vehicle.

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There she was, hot and alone, so I pulled over and asked if she was ok. She started complaining about meeting a weirdo through a dating app. She licked it seductively, and I knew she wanted my cock. The blonde used her free hand to stroke my dick and slowly began licking it like a lollipop. She poured the ice cream all over my shaft and licked it clean, making the hottest gobbling sounds! The hottie removed her shorts and panties and straddled me, riding my dick with passion right in my car.

I parked my car and banged the chick forcefully. Her boobs were small but sexy, and her snatch with a tidy bush tightened around my penis.

The riding was so intense that she came hard, covering my rod in juices. Her legs shook, and I kept going. I wanted to see her body outdoors, so we walked out of the car and screwed in a standing doggy. She leaned against my vehicle as I filled her cunt with my man meat. I got super horny when I saw her ass — it was perfectly round, firm, and juicy, shaking in the rhythm of the screwing.

The slutty chick lifted one of her legs up, begging me to drill her greedy love hole.

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The wetness and tightness of her delicious twat made me crazy with lust, and her moans made my cock as stiff as a rock. Her butt was shaking in front of my face, and she rode my cock reverse cowgirl style. I moved my hips fast, bringing more pleasure for both of us. Her pussy was so insatiable that it kept cumming, but still craved more. I watched her sexy back arch and flex throughout the naughty rodeo. The naked girl faced me, treating me with the view of her boobs.

I watched as she impaled on my cock like a dirty slut, telling me that I was the god of fucking, making her pussy super wet and horny. The sound of my balls slapping her buttocks was beyond this world, and her hot body kept going.

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When I saw her tease her clit during the dick riding, I knew she was ready to cum one more time. I pounded like crazy, bringing waves of pleasure to my blonde lover. Her whole body twisted and trembled uncontrollably. Finally, my slutty chick was satisfied and wanted to return the favor. She shoved my rod inside her mouth, combining the sucking with a handjob.

I could tell she wanted to taste my seed, so I emptied my balls all over her lips. I am a lucky man. My day had started with my girlfriend sucking my morning wood, as usual. I was already going to cum in her little mouth but her taxi arrived and she had to naked. Kristina had to go on a business trip that week, and she left me in the caring women of her twin sister. Her cute twin sister, Karla, coming to visit us every now and then. She looks like a nerd, smart clothes, flats, boring hair, but I could see she hid a banging body underneath.

I had been wondering if she was a firecracker in bed, just like her sister. Karla was there for the whole weekend, Worlds me with the house chores. She was sexy in the kitchen when I entered and grabbed her ass, thinking it was Kristina. I accidentally made her spill the water all over her shirt. I knew Karla as a shy, innocent looking, cute geek girl, almost the opposite of her twin. Although spending some time with her opened me eyes! After a naughty conversation, she took her wet shirt off and took me to the bedroom. Oh boy, I felt my dick tenting the shorts. Once she turned around and gave me a naughty stare, I knew I was in for some fucking.

She might look innocent but she bears the same level of sex drive as Kristina. She looked just like my girlfriend, so I felt comfortable with her naked in the bedroom.

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It almost felt normal, like every time Kristina and I had sex. Yep, she was as good at blowjobs as her sister. I loved the nerdy look now, the glasses adding a bit of excitement, making her look like a naughty teacher aching for some pussy pounding. Soon enough, she started riding my dick, leaving the kinky bra on, gasping and moaning while impaling on the shaft. I loved the view — her firm boobs were beyond this world.

The clit rubbing made her moans even louder, feeling her pussy pulsating from the pounding. Karla gave me a sloppy blowjob, spitting on the shaft. She became a little bitch, on all fours, me pulling her hair while drilling her snatch doggystyle.

I took my time, loving the way my shaft slowly entered her slit. Karla turned around, taking my dick in her mouth again, making me spray my jizz all over her glasses.

As I was dozing off, a message woke me up. It was Kristina, coming back early. One of her meetings got canceled.

Karla managed to get dressed and run away to her room. Kristina walked in wearing a tight leather skirt. As soon as she entered the house, she lifted the skirt up, revealing her naked ass and pussy. What a day — Kristina was now slurping on my dick and climbed my dick.

It was obvious she was horny, wildly riding my dick, until she came all over me. Enjoy this ultimate twin sisters fuck fantasy to the max, and make sure to cover both twin sisters with your cum like a good boy! Once you find yourself in a committed relationship, this strange phenomenon starts to happen.

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At first, it comes once in a blue moon, but then, the more time you spend with your girlfriend, it happens as often as sundown or sunrise. Maybe you are confused as to what the hell I am talking about. Well, buckle up, and let me tell you a story.

Me and my girlfriend, my gorgeous, skinny, blonde girlfriend, were moving in together. Sure it was a big step for us, but the one thing I was most excited about was seeing her pretty ass walk around the house next to nothing. Once you fuck your girlfriend a couple of hundred times, this phenomenon will happen.

She can be dressed as a nun or like a hooker because after seeing her naked so many times, this sixth sense develops.

I can now see my beautiful girlfriend naked at any given point. So like today, we were moving boxes into our new apartment, and she was in a tight white bodysuit, without the bra, bless her heart and those tight booty shorts. Seeing her strut around the house, bending down, and picking up boxes got me so hard. I can see through her clothes, I can see her gorgeous naked ass and her lovely, bald pussy.

So she pushed me onto a chair, and she took my already hard dick in her mouth. You could tell by the second she tried to deepthroat my schlong, she could barely take it. Just my tip stuffed her little mouth. But my good girl kept trying, and I love her for that. I managed to score a smoking hot, blonde babe, and she is a massive slut for me.

I feel like I have won the lottery. I waited until she took her tight clothes off, and I got her on top of me. She slid down my dick, the feeling of her pussy muscles pulsating and clasping tight around my cock is the best feeling in the world.

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Her perfectly-formed round ass cheeks were moving up and down. She rode me like a true cowgirl. She jumped up and down. But no, my baby girl needs more. I flipped her over, so she can be on all fours.

I love her juicy, tight ass.